One of the original groups.  It meets at 10am on the first Thursday of the month in the Habberley Suite, at the Gainsborough House Hotel, Bewdley Hill, Kidderminster DY11 6BS    See Map

Instruction, help and encouragement is given to members to find sources of information to create their family tree.

Access to free Wi-Fi is available so bring your Laptop or iPad, if possible.  Help can be given to people with no computer knowledge or computer.

If you would like to find out more, please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Who knows what you may find out?

To get you started I have produced some helpful notes:

  1. Where to begin
  2. Organising research
  3. Using a computer
  4. Using Internet sites
  5. County Libraries and National Records
  6. Census Information
  7. BDM
  8. Parrish Records
  9. Wills and Probate
  10. Military records
  11. Relationships
  12. Photographs
  13. Haie Hunters
  14. Insititutions
  15. Brick Walls

To see whom members are researching please click here.


Genealogy Programme - 2018

2nd Jan No Meeting  
11th Jan Beginners Meeting (Contact Beryl for information)  
1st Feb Censuses and The 1939 Register Report
1st March Cancelled due to Weather  
5th April Military Records and planning presentation for November Report
3rd May Family Histories and Family Myths Report
7th June Speaker to be confirmed  
5th July Breaking Brick walls with Jackie Cotterill  
2nd August Alternative sources of information, Will, Wig Powder tax, School records, Trade directories, Hearth Tax  
6th Sept Illegitimacy, adoption, Foundling Hospital and apprenticeships Report
4th Oct DNA Report
1st Nov Review of World War 1 Project experience  


Genealogy Programme - 2017


No Meeting at the Gainsbough Hotel

2nd February

  Getting the most from the National Archives - Speaker Phil Lamb

2nd March

Family Histories -  Caroline, Vincent, Jackie, Steph,

6th April

WDYTYA 6-8 April NEC    details to be arranged.  No meeting at the Gainsborough Hotel

4th May

 Wills and Probate - Jackie Coterill

1st June

Up dating Data sources – what’s new and useful

6th July

Enclosures, Deforestation, and Industrial Revolution

Speaker Richard Churchley

3rd August

Immigration   Linda, Brian, Caroline, Vincent

7th September


5th October

  Breaking Brick Walls.

2nd November

Weavers Cottages  - Caroline

7th December

Review and Programme planning


Genealogy Programme - 2016

Thur 7th January

Subject: Family Histories

Thur 4th February 

Subject: Brickwalls and sharing Resources

Thur 3rd March

Subject: Newspapers and Publications

Thur 7th April

Subject:  Shops and Inns

Thur 5th May

Subjects: Book and Resource Sharing

Thur 2nd June

Subject: Apprentices, Freemen and Guilds

Thur 7th July

Subject: Immigration - Irish

Thur 4th August

Subject: Criminal Records and Prisons

Thur 1st September

 Subject: Rates Books

Thur 6st October

Problem Solving - Jackie Cotterill

Thur 3rd November

Visit to BMSGH  No meeting at Gainsborough Hotel

Thur 1st December

Review and programme planning


Genealogy Programme - 2015


No Meeting

Thur 5th Feb 

Subject: Repairing photos

Thur 5th Mar

Subject: Researching Trades - Silversmiths in the Jewellery Quarter

Thur 2nd April

subject  Recording Information

Thur 7th May

Breaking Brick Walls - problem solving

Thur 4th June

Birmingham & Midland Society for Genealogy & Heraldry -

Speaker Jackie Cotterill

Thur 2nd July

1911 census

Thur 6th Aug

Searching Parish Registers and Wills

Thur 3rd Sept

Searching Censuses 

Thur 1st Oct

Workhouses and Institutions

Thur 5th Nov

Breaking Brickwalls and problem solving

Thur 3rd Dec

Review and programme planning


Genealogy Programme - 2014

Thur 5th Jun

Subject: Military History - Dennis Plant

1910 - 1920 Project

Thur 3rd Jul

Subject: 1910 - 1920 Project

Thur 4th Sep:

Subject: Breaking Brick Walls

Thur 2nd Oct:

Subject: Display of Project.  Book swap.

Thur 6th Nov:

Subject: Scanning photos to be repaired

Thur 4th Dec:

Subject: Reaserch up date and problem solving