Amblers is a short, gentle walk of approximately one mile lasting about one hour. This is flexible depending on the needs of the group. 

We walk in the local countryside on the first Wednesday of the month at 10.30am  A pre-walk will take place on the Sunday prior to the Wednesday walk.

Amblers are adding additional meetings during the Summer. We have already added a visit to Mini Golf at Wolverley and a morning walk at Clent followed by snacks.

We will be going to Stourport on Sunday 9th July for a short walk a mid day snack and an afternoon listening to the Brass Band playing on the riverside 2.30 - 4.30.     Meeting at Blackstone Car Park 10.30am or meet at the riverside Stourport at 2pm for anyone who just wants to listen to the band.

August 6th a visit to Himley Hall for a walk around the lake, lunchtime snack and listening to the Band in the grounds. 11-30am start. car parking charges apply.

13th August Mini Golf at Wolverley meeting at 10-00am to 10.30am

19th August meeting at Nimmings Car Park. (Unfortunately this meeting has had to be cancelled) 

27th December we will be meeting at the “Old Rose and Crown” public house  Worcester Road Stourport at 10.30am for a short walk on Hartlebury Common.


Other meeting will be added as arranged.

For details please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Amblers Programme - 2018

7th February  Meet at “The Shed” on the Stourport to Worcester Road. 10.30am to decide the program for the year.  


Amblers Programme - 2017

1st February   Planning meeting to be held at The Range Coffee Shop 10.30am  

26th Feb pre-walk.  

 1st March


Meet at Dog Lane Car Park  Bewdley 10.30am.  Post Code DY12 2EF.  

2nd April pre-walk

5th April


 Meet at car park by the Church -  Wolverley  10.30am


30th April  pre-walk

3rd May

Meet at Hurcott Woods Car Park 10.30am  

4th June pre-walk

7th June

Meet at Blackstone Car Park 10.30am  

2nd July pre-walk

5th July


Meet at Belbroughton in the car park in the village.

Confirmed meet at 10.30am


30th. July pre-walk

2nd August

Meet at Sawmill Car Park near Dudmaston 10.30am  

3rd September pre-walk

6th September

Meet at Community Center Car Park  Kinver 10.30am  

1st October pre-walk

4th October

Meet at The Range Car Park  10.30am walk to Springfield Park.  

29th October pre-walk

1st November

Meet at Riverside Car Park. Stourport 10.30am by the Bandstand  

3rd December pre-walk

6th December

Meet at Car Park Sanders Park,   Bromsgrove 10.30am  




Amblers Programme - 2016


3rd February

Planning Meeting. Venue: Cafe at St George's Hall, Bewdley. 10.30



28th Feb


2nd March

 Springfield Park meet 10.30.  We will have a pic-nic.


3rd April



Chaddesley.  Meet in main street by the Church.


1st May


4th May


We will be meeting at Hurcott at 10.30 in the car park.


29th May


1st June

Hartlebury meet at Lower poolands farm, car park 10-30 take the Stourport to Worcester Road past Cooks Garden Centre take a left turn signed for car park. 


3rd July


6th July

Blakedown. Meet 10.30 at "The Old House at Home"  


31st July


3rd August

Dudmaston.  Meet at the sawmill car park 10.30.  Take the Bridgnorth Road and turn right opposite the entrance to Dudmaston Hall and the car park is along this road on the right.


4th September


7th September

Wolverley. Meet at "The Lock" 10.30 


2nd October


5th October

Hawksbatch. Meet at 10.30. In the car park. We may have a pic-nic as there are no refreshments available.


30th October


2nd November

Kinver. Meet at the community centre car park 10.30


4th December


7th December

Kidderminster town walk. Pre-walk meet at Brintons Park Car Park. 10.30.

                                          Walk meet at Habberley Road car park 10.



Amblers Programme - 2015

February 4th The first meeting of the year will be a planning meeting it will take place at Willow Court, Wilton Avenue, Kidderminster. Meet at 10.30am
March 4th Britons Park. Car Park. DY11 6QT

pre walk 27th Feb

1st April

Alverley. Severn Valley Country Park. WV15 6NG

Charges apply at car park

pre walk 24th March
6th May Hartlebury Hilditch. White Hart Car Park DY11 7TD 1st May
3rd June Blackstone Car Park DY12 2TQ 26th May
1st July

Spennells Valley Car Park DY10 3HP.    

Bring snack and drink.

22nd June
5th August Hallow meet at The Crown Inn, Hallow, they are willing for us to use their car park. 28th July
2nd Sep Arley. Village side car park DY12 2EE 28th August
7th Oct Himley Hall Car Park charges apply DY3 4 DF 28th Sep
4th Nov Kinver Edge roadside parking. By Maize Maze DY7 6HU 30th Oct
2nd Dec Habberley Valley DY12 1LN  Bring snack and drink 24th Nov


Amblers Programme - 2014

February 5th

The first meeting of the year will be a planning meeting.  We will meet at "The Lock" Wolverley. Anyone who would like to join us will be welcome.

It was decided that we would have a pre-walk in the week prior to our monthly walk these will take place on various days Monday Tuesday or Friday. Dates as indicated in the collumn on the right.  

All starting at 10.30am.  

Meet at 10.30am
March 5th

Kinver Circular, Meet at Kinver Commnity Centre Car Park. 10.30am

Road closure at Kinver Lane, Cookley. Continue past the closed road to Caunsall where there is a left turn signposted to Kinver.  

Pre-walk 28thFebruary
April 2nd

Chaddesley Woods.

Directions for the Meeting Place.  Travel out of Kidderminster on the Bromsgrove Road to Chaddesley. Turn into the main street of the village and continue on this road for about 3/4 of a mile until you reach a crossroad.  Turn right on the road signed Bourne Green and Woodcote Green. Continue on this road for 1 1/2 miles. You will find parking on both sides of the road. We will meet by the gated entrance to the woods.   


Pre-walk 25th March 
May 7th Hurcott Woods, Car Park    Pre-walk 28th April
June 4th Bewdley - Meet at Dog Lane Car Park, Bewdley

Pre-walk 27th May

July 2nd Belbroughton -  Meet in the Talbot Car Park situated in the centre of the village at 10.30am


23rd June

August 6th Blakedown - Meet at The Swan, Blakedown, 10-30am


1st August

September 3rd Stourport. Leaders Frances and Maurice.  Meet at the entrance to St Michaels Church, Church Drive, Stourport 29th August
October 1st Bewdley - Meet at Dry Mill Lane Car Park.   Directions - follow Bewdley by-pass to the island by the Golf Course turn Right towards Bewdley, Pass the Hop Pole Inn on the left, Turn left into Yew Tree Lane, turn left at the T junction continue on this road turn left after the shops. This is Dry Mill Lane follow this lane and you will find the car park on your left down the bank. 23rd September
November 5th Hawkesbatch,  Meet at Car Park.  10.30 am 31st October
December 3rd Bromsgrove, Meet at Sanders Park Car Park. The Park is situated on the right of the main Kidderminster -Bromsgrove road in Bromsgrove 24th November


Amblers Programme - 2013

Feb 6th

The first meeting of the year will be a planning meeting.  We will meet at The George Hotel, Bewdley for coffee. Anyone who would like to join us will be welcome.

We will meet at 10.30am

March 6th

Kinver town. Meet at the Leisure Centre Car Park, Kinver.

Mainly flat walking with some slight inclines.

10.30 start

April 3rd

Hartlebury Common, Meet at the Rose and Crown car park on the Stourport to Worcester Road.

10.30 start

May 1st

Chaddesley Woods.

Directions to meeting place as follows. leave Kidderminster on the Bromsgrove Road until you reach Chaddesley, Turn into the main street of the village and continue on this road for 3/4 of a mile until you reach a crossroad take right turn signed to Bourne Green and Woodcote Green continue on this road for about 1.1/2 miles there is parking on both sides of the road. We will meet by the gated entrance to the woods.

This walk is fairly flat with some inclines.    

10.30 start

June 5th

Arley to Trimpley riverside walk. Meet at riverside car park in Arley.

 10,30 start

July 3rd

To Ribbesford from Bewdley. Meet in Gardeners Meadow car park Bewdley.

10.30 start

August  7th

Blakedown. Meet at The Swan Public House on the left side of the

main street in Blakedown when traveling from Kidderminster.

10.30 start.

September 4th

Stourport.  Meet at Riverside Car park Stourport.

10.30 start

October 2nd

Belbroughton. Meeting place is the Talbot's car park inthe centre of Belbroughton. To reach Belbroughton leave Kidderminster via Birmingham Road. Turn right at the traffic lights in Blakedown continue on this road to Belbroughton. 




Wolverley. Meet at the Lock Car park.

10.30 start

December 4th

Springfield Park. Meet at "The Range" car park in Kidderminster.

10.30 start