On the Buses

2014 Programme


11 October - Bridgnorth

Meet at Kidderminster Bus Station at 10.30 to catch the 10.45 bus number 297 to Bridgnorth arriving at 11.40

We will have about three hours in Bridgnorth for lunch and a look around.

We will catch the number 125 back to Kidderminster leaving at  2.45

Back in Kidderminster for 4ish.

There are earlier buses back so if anyone wants to go back earlier then I will look at other times.

Contact Pauline James on 01562 753100 if you need more information.




9 August.       Malvern/Ledbury

Kidderminster, Worcester, Malvern, Ledbury, Worcester, Kidderminster

Meet at Kidderminster bus station at 9:25 to catch the 9:30 bus to Worcester.

We will have half an hour in Worcester before catching the bus to Malvern.

Once in Malvern we will have enough time to look around, have lunch, take a short walk on the hills. Approx 2 hours.

We will meet outside the Priory at 1:50 in time to catch the bus to Ledbury.

At Ledbury we will have time for a stroll around - shops, church, cafes.

We then catch bus back to Worcester.

Then back to Kidderminster arriving at bus station at about 6:15.




14 June.            Shrewsbury

Kidderminster - Ludlow - Shrewsbury - Bridgnorth - Kidderminster

Journey details as follows:  Meet at Kidderminster bus station at 8:40 to catch the 8:50 292 to Ludlow.

We will have about one hour 20 minutes in Ludlow. Enough time for a coffee or look around the street market usually on on Saturdays.

Meet again at 11:20 to catch 435 bus to Shrewsbury.

We will have about 3 hours in Shrewsbury.   It has over 600 listed buildings  .The oldest landmark being the castle and Abbey.  These were originally built by Roger de Montgomery.  There are churches with interesting features.  Look out for medieval street names - Milk Street, Fish Street, Butchers Row, Grope Street.  Most of the half timbered mansions were built by The Drapers, Shrewsbury wool merchants.  If you fancy a boat ride there is one every hour which takes 45 minutes.

Meet again to catch the 436 bus to Bridgnorth. There won't be much time here before we catch the bus back to Kidderminster.

We will arrive back at the bus station at about 5:50.






12 April.             Evesham

Kidderminster - Redditch - Evesham - Worcester - Kidderminster

Journey details as follows:  Meet at Kidderminster bus station at 9.30 to catch the 9.36 X3 to Redditch.

We will have about one hour ten minutes in Redditch, enough time for a quick look around the Kingfisher Centre or go for coffee.

Meet up again in Redditch bus station at 11.35 to catch the 11.45 bus to Evesham.

We will have just under 2 hours in Evesham. This time for lunch and a look around.

Evesham is set on the River Avon. Visit the 8th Century Abbey ruins and the bell tower. Take a walk in Abbey Park or along the river if the weather is ok. The architecture ranges from Medieval to Art Deco. Of course there are shops and eateries in plenty.

We will meet in time for the 2.50 bus to Worcester.

The bus from Worcester back to Kidderminster will get us back to the bus station by 5.15.



14 June.             Shrewsbury


09 August.          Malvern


11 October.         Bridgnorth


More details to follow.


Come and enjoy public bus trips around the Midland area. No hassle driving or parking.

See so much more from the window of a bus. It is free, use your bus pass! 

For further details please contact Pauline James, 01562 753100