Ballroom & Latin Dance Practice

New for 2018..... Ballroom and Latin Dance Practice Group

Because it is great exercise for body and mind the existing Dancing Group (who currently meet once a month on the 3rd Thursday at Shatterford) have chosen to introduce a second date in the month.

This second date will be strictly Ballroom and Latin dances for couples and will give the opportunity for couples to practice what they have already learned and improve their existing knowledge.

The group would like to invite new members to this group which will be held in an afternoon at St Chad's recently renovated Church hall at Comberton.


The date will be the 4th Tuesday of the month 2:30 till 4:30pm.


The cost to include refreshments will initially be £2 per person but this may reduce if more dancing members join the group.


Dates for your Diary

27th    March      

24th    April                    

22nd   May                     

26th    June                     

24th    July                     

28th    August                       

25th    September                     

23rd    October                      

27th    November


If there are any U3A single members who would like a dancing partner then every effort will be made to match them with a U3a member but this cannot be guaranteed.


Please contact Sue Langley for further details

Phone: 01299 861031    07929 20 57 87

Further details from  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.