Table Tennis

Dear Members,

Happy New Year to everyone.

Just to remind you all that our first Table Tennis session of the year is on Thursday 11th January. Hope you can all make it especially the new people who came before Christmas.

Before Christmas we discussed all members paying £2.50p per session in advance for either two, four or six sessions. This was due to the fact that on some occasions even though we were paying £4 on the night, not enough people came to cover the £45 fee to the Harriers.

So I think to begin the year if we could agree to pay £10 each to cover the four sessions of January and February it would be a good start.


  • ·         January 11 – 25
  • ·         February 8 – 22
  • ·         March 8 – 22
  • ·         April 12 – 26
  • ·         May  10 – 24
  • ·        June 14 - 28

If anyone is interested in joining our group please email me:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Vivienne Ramsay

Group Leader