Getting to Grips with Technology

This group aims to assist U3A members with their Technological devices by providing members with “hands-on” help needed to understand, purchase and use Technology in common use both now and in the future. The list of Technology devices is endless, but the group hopes to provide assistance in areas requested by the group members.

Meetings take place on the first Friday of the Month between 10am – 12pm, at Franche Community Church, Chestnut Grove, Kidderminster, DY11 5QA.  See Map

If you would like to find out more, please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Team: Steve Miller, Tim Yates, Sue Langley, Sandra Phillips & Sue Sturman

Download a copy of the 2019 programme from here

GTGW Technology Programme - 2019

Friday Jan 4th

Topic: Windows 10 & Apple IOS.

Aim: An overview of the latest operating systems.

Separate sessions for Microsoft & Apple.

This will be a practical session, so bring your own relevant devices.


From the meeting: Windows 10 Basics

Friday Feb 1st

Topic: Problem-solving & clean-up.

Aim: to enable members to problem solve, clean-up & clear cookies on their devices.

Bring your own relevant devices.

Friday Mar 1st

Topic: Smartphones and getting apps.

Aim: to understand & use smartphones. Separate sessions for Android & Apple.

(Hint: Android phones don’t have an Apple symbol on them).

In two separate sessions on

two separate days


Friday April 5th only

for Apple iPhone, iPad, Mac


Friday April 12th only

for Android phones and PCs

Topic: To create a photo slideshow & short video on DVD or YouTube.

Aim: to enable members to produce a slideshow & short video on disc or YouTube. 

This will be a practical session, so bring your own relevant devices.

Friday May 17th

Change of Date

Topic: Members slideshows & videos.

Aim: to enjoy members’ attempts at producing their slideshows & videos.

Friday June 7th

Topic: Music apps, Podcasts, Blogs & e-books.

Aim: to investigate how to enjoy music apps &  other web-based apps.

Friday July 5th

Topic: eBay, Facebook & Messenger.

Aim: a practical guide to managing these popular websites / apps.

Friday Aug 2nd

No meeting.

Friday Sept 6th

Topic: PowerPoint, Excel & Libre Office.

Aim: to give members a practical introduction to these useful applications.

Friday Oct 4th

Topic: Members presentations.

Aim: a chance for members to show what they learnt from last month’s session.

Friday Nov 1st

Topic: Energy saving & Smart meters. 

Aim: to explore the products available, the jargon & their use in saving energy.

Friday Dec 6th

A Quiz to test your “new found” skills!

Followed by drinks & mince-pies.


GTGW Technology Programme - 2017

Friday 6th January 

Photo Editing with Mike Morris


Friday 3rd February

Video Calling using Skype and Facetime including practical demonstrations


Friday 3rd March

Cloud Storage including Microsoft, Apple, Google & Dropbox


Friday 7th April

Computer Maintenance, Anti-virus, Passwords, Cookies & Email Scams. 



GTGW Technology Programme - 2016

Friday 15th January

Connecting to the Internet

Introduction & use of Smartphones

Overview of Presentation

Friday 5th February

Apps on Smartphones (continued)

Introduction & use of Android Tablets & Apple iPads

Overview of Presentation

Friday 4th March

Using the Internet to browse, download, search & buying

Popular Web Sites e.g eBay, Youtube, Facebook etc.


Friday 1st April

Digital Photography & Video basics

What to do with Digital Photos & Videos


Friday 6th May

Basics of Windows Laptops & Apple MacBooks


Friday 3rd June

Basic cleanup on Windows & Apple Devices

What is Cloud Storage & how to use it


Friday 1st July

Talk on Cyber Security Awareness given by Blacklight Intelligence sponsored by West Mercia Police.


Friday 2nd September

Introduction to Windows 10 and the how's and why's of upgrading to Windows 10.

Smartphone Apps continued, including Viewranger GPS, Whatsapp, Skype.


Friday 7th October

"All about TV" including Freeview adaptors, TV recorders, SmartTVs, Freeview TV, Satelite & Cable TV ( Sky & Virgin Media).

Also Internet TV boxes like Now TV & Internet TV apps like Netflix.


Friday 4th November

An Introduction to Word Processing using Microsoft Word & Apple Pages.

An open forum on mobile apps.


Friday 2nd December

A refresh of Word Processing with "how to make greetings cards"

An Introduction to Spreadsheets