The Singing group is formed of like-minded people who enjoy singing together for fun and to benefit from the uplifting effects it brings.

Its popularity has grown since its inception, there being an average of 20 enthusiastic members present at most sessions.

The spectrum of music includes examples of most genres, such as songs from the musicals, folk, pop, spirituals etc., thereby catering for most tastes. Occasionally some lyrics are sung in the language of the originating country, if that does not happen to be English.

Most pieces are arranged in unison though others have 2, 3 and 4-part harmonies which are learned by rote, so music-reading skills are not essential.

There are opportunities to attend U3A workshops and external workshops, where knowledge and practical singing skills can be gained in a fun and friendly environment, just like the atmosphere in our own group, in fact!

We look forward to welcoming you to our group sessions, held at Shatterford Village Hall on alternate Tuesday mornings from 10am 'til noon. Shatterford Village Hall, Arley Lane, Shatterford, (near DY12 1RU) is just off the Bridgnorth Road (A442) in Arley Lane.  See Map



2016 was a busy year for us, especially towards Christmas, when we sang for two groups in Bewdley and the Christmas Sing-along at St.Ambrose's, and raised £200 for Kemp Hospice.

Our first session of 2017 was yesterday (3rd Jan) and we have already started one or two new songs, and looking forward to quite a few more.   

We have been asked to sing for the Young at Heart Club at St.Cecilia's, Kiddeerminster at the end of the month.

This will be a return visit for us,and we look forward to that.

We shall be welcoming some new members next time, and there is always room for more.   Do come and join us, even if you just want to listen to find out what we are up to.  The dates of our next meetings are:

17th Jan,  31st Jan. 14th Feb. 28th Feb. 14th March, 28th March, 11th April


Looking forward to seeing you


Cheers, Anne (01299 861550)





 Report from Anne Plant








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                                 phone: 01299 861550