Genealogy Programme - 2019


3rd January

No Meeting

7th February

Family Histories (Group input)

Report: Stephanie Higgs explained how she had helped a researcher to produce an article on work by her Silversmith uncle. Iain Alexander described how he had traced the marriage of his 3 x gt grandparents in Leicestershire, and how their five orphaned  children were provided for when the wider family agreed to become their guardians, leading to a discussion on Poor Law certificates. James Dudley described the steps he took to unravel his forebears from Army records, discovering how the thrice married wife came to marry his forebear.

7th March

Maps, House Records, Looking at Deeds

4th April

Free Sites and the advantage of site sharing  Jackie Cotterill

2nd May

Publishing and sharing our family histories and stories-  Speaker Mark Sharpe

6th June

Skeletons in the cupboard / Disproving stories

4th July

Criminal Records

1st August

Brick walls

5th September

DNA update (Group input)

3rd October

Looking at lives and trades in different periods (group input)

7th November

Success and failures in research (Group input)

5th December

Review and programme planning