2018 Programme.

There will be a meeting on February 28th, 2.00pm, at Willow Court Kiddermnster to plan the 2018 Programme.  

For further information please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The geology group meets on the fourth Wednesday of each month.  During the spring, summer and autumn months meetings take the form of visits to sites of geological interest within the area.


In the winter months we tend to have indoor meetings, where we might have talks or visits to see geological collections in museums within the region.

Indoor meetings provide us with an opportunity, amongst other things, to revisit, through the use of power point presentations, visits we have made earlier in the year, this enables us to take a more detailed and leisurely look at features we might not have taken much notice of at the time of the actual visits.  We also provide opportunities for group members to share their rock and fossil collections and have occasional speakers to share with us their experience of and expertise in particular aspects of geology.

By clicking on the 'Report' section of the calendar of visits, you will be able to read about the visits we have made during the past year.

We are fortunate to live in a part of the world where the geology is rich and varied.  We hope that our programme for the year captures something of this variety and richness - there should be something to capture everyone's interest.

All are welcome. No formal qualifications in the subject are necessary, just an enthusiastic curiosity in wanting to know more about how and why the landscape has come to be the way it is.

Stout footwear and waterproof clothing is recommended for visits to sites. Details of visits, including information about site conditions, safety and accessibility, will be sent out by email prior to a visit to those who apply to participate. For further information please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


March 2nd

            Welcome to the new Geology group. We had our first meeting last Wednesday at Willow Court when we decided to restart the group after a lapse of a few months due to very sad circumstances. With the help of previous members and new members we hope the group will be able to evolve. We were able to put together a programme for the first six months of 2018.

    At the moment I am playing the role of co-ordinator with the hope of getting the group up and running again.If you have any queries or comments please get in touch.

  Gill Price      This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


March 24th

       The Geology group will meet on Wednesday March 28th at Willow Court at 2pm for a presentation of the Siluriuan Age. We hope previous members of the Geology Group and new members  will be able  to attend .

  Gill Price


       Next Meeting on Wednesday 25th April to the Teme Bank Geology Trail in Ludlow. Meet in the Rose Theatre Carpark at 12.45 to leave at 1.00. Carsharing. Mick and I  are going to Ludlow tomorrow to rece the Trail and to find parking places near Dinham Bridge so leaving out the stiff climb back up to the town at the end of the walk.  Watch this space ,there may be alterations !




         Update .Teme Trail 25th April

 Parking at the start of the Trail will be at Dinham Bridge where there are nine possible designated spaces.




       1st May

    The Geology Group spent their last meeting  last Wednesday 25th April,  walking the Teme Trail in Ludlow, looking at rock formations from the Silurian Age 450million years old  originally laid down under warm shallow seas. The three or four outcroppings showed clearly the rocks laid down in layers and the old quarry at the end of the trail even produced some tiny fossils. Early Ludlow was built  using the stone from the quarry which can be seen loking across the river to the town.

    A very enjoyable afternoon, minus rain, finishing with refreshments at the riverside cafe.


     The next meeting on Friday 11th May is a link up with the Industrial Archaeological Group visiting the Dudley tunnels. If interested contact Sue on 01562 228573.

 The meeting in June  will be at Willow Court on 27th  at 2.00pm when Sue will give a presentation on Vulcanology. A very interesting subject.

  See you soon .Kind regards




   17th July,

                    The next meeting is on Wednesday 25th July at Willow Court at 2pm.  We are unable to visit the Volcano at Dudley as the area has become very over grown and no longer accessable. Instead , we will hold the meeting at Willow Court. Please see the programme below for requirements in order to make the meeting interesting.

    Hope to see you all at the meeting  as well as new visitors.

Kind regards



    Geology Meeting     25th July

  Mick and I and Mike Morris were the only ones to turn up to the meeting  and I heard from only one other  person who let me know he could not come. The meeting was cancelled. There will be no meeting in August and so the next meeting will be in September.




August 12th

                    Hope your're all enjoying the heatwave! The next Geology meeting is on Wednesday 26th September at Willow Court at 2pm. Please bring anything of Geological interest as was planned for the July Meeting which we cancelled due to a lack of support.




      October 24th     We meet at the main entrance to Bewdley Museum at 2pm for an interesting Geological  walk around Bewdley. Every one very Welcome




Wednesday 28th November.      Meet at Willow Court at 2pm for a talk about the Lapworth Museum of Geology, Birmingham University,  by the Museum's Curator Jon Clatworthy. It is very important that this meeting is very well attended, please make a great effort to attend.

       The last meeting , a Geological walk around Bewdley was very interesting  and well laid out and the few that participated enjoyed the afternoon.

 I hope to see every one interested in Geology  at the meeting in November.





        Programme for 2018

March 28th      A Presentation of the Silurian Age.

                      Meet at Willow Court at 2.00pm

April 25th          The Teme Bank Geology Trail at  Ludlow followed by a visit to the

                           Museum. Meet at 12.45 at The Rose Theatre car park for car


     Please Note

Friday May 11th       The Dudley Tunnels .

                                 The Industrial and Geology Groups combined visit.

                                 Further information  nearer the date.

June 27th              Vulcanology

                               A Presentation by Sue Cutler. At Willow Court  2.00pm

July 25th               An indoor meeting at Willow Court at 2pm. please bring rocks, fossils, any interesting

                             information relating to Geology, interesting Geological holiday experiences this year or in

                             previous years. Mike will also give a Powerpoint presentation.

                                  Information about future meetings for the rest of the year will be discussed

   August               No Meeting

   September 26th       Meeting at Willow Court at 2pm.

  October 24th       Meet at Bewdley Museum at 2pm for a Geological walk around Bewdley.

   November 28th    Meet at 2pm at Willow Court.

                                  Lapworth Museum of Geology , Unuversity of Birmingham ,  a talk by Jon Clatworthy, the

                                 Museum's Curator.



















Geology Programme - 2017

25th January

Planning the 2017 Programme

Willow Court Community Room, Franche, Kidderminster, DY11 5AU

22nd February

A Geological Holiday in Anglesey - by Mike Preston

Willow Court Community Room, Franche, Kidderminster, DY11 5AU

£5 per person

22nd March

Worcester Cathedral Geology Trail  

Led by Chris Guy, Cathedral Archaeologist

£6 per person


26th April

Saltwells and Doulton's Pit (See 24th May)

Guided visit

£5 (approx) per person


12th May

Note change of date



24th May

Snailbeach Mine, Shropshire

Joint visit with Industrial History Group

£5 per person


Visit to Saltwells Nature Reserve


28th June

The Building Stones of Bridgnorth  (TBC) 

Cost to be decided

26th July

Cannock Chase - guided visit led by Mike Preston (TBC)

(Part of the geology trail on Cannock Chase)

Cost to be decided

23rd August



27th September

Dudley Tunnels Canal Trip (6 hour trip)

(Joint visit with Industrial History group - 25 people min. group size)

25th October

Lickey Hills and Barnt Green Road Quarry  (TBC)

22nd November

Members' interests


No meeting

  Programme arrangements might change, so please check the website for up-to-date information  


Geology Programme - 2016

27th January 2016

Planning meeting

Willow Court Community Room, Kidderminster


24th February 2016

Plate tectonics

Presentations by members at The Rock Tavern, Wilden


23rd March 2016

The Stiperstones, Shropshire

Leave Kidderminster at 9.30am - return mid-afternoon


27th April 2016

Titterstone Clee and Clee Hill

Meet at Broadwaters car park, Kidderminster, at 1.00pm

Please note

The Mable coalfield (geology and industrial history) - a visit led by Gerry Calderbank (postponed - date to be decided)


25th May 2016

Joint visit with Natural History group will now take place on 22nd June

Apologies - there will not be a visit on this occasion


22nd June 2016


Wren's Nest with Mike Preston - "Mapping the domed anticline" (TBC)


27th July 2016

Tufa Churches - Reg Fisher  

August 2016

No meeting this month  

28th September 2016

The Dudley Tunnels (joint visit with The Industrial History Group)

This is a 6 hour long visit

Visit has had to be cancelled as we failed to achieve the numbers required to make the visit viable.  My apologies.


26th October 2016

The geology of the Severn Valley

Visiting Blackstone Rock, Bewdley, Severn Valley Country Park,Alveley - links to coal mining in the C20th and Highley

Visit led by Mike Preston


23rd November 2016

"Reg's Rucksack" - bring a fossil to place in Reg's Rucksack.

Why Reg's Rucksack?  Come and find out!

Bring along something of a geological nature to share with others - e.g. fossils, rock samples, maps, photographs, books - or tell us about a visit which included some interesting geological feature.

At The Willow Court Room, Franche, Kidderminster, DY11 5AU


? December 2016

Planning the 2017 programme (Date TBC)  

The Geology Group generally meets on the 4th Wednesday afternoon of the month - meetings start at 2.00pm, unless otherwise stated.

Changes might be made to the programme.

Please contact Mike Carter (01562 746914) for further information

Geology Programme - 2015

21st January

Preparation for Ercall Quarry field visit in March - with Mike Preston (part 2) (£5 per person)

Kidderminster Baptist Church Hall at 2.00pm


25th February

The Earth Heritage Trust 'Building Stones' Project - with Beth Andrews of H&W Earth Heritage Trust

Kidderminster Baptist Church Hall

(£3 per person)


25th March

Field visit to Ercall Quarry, Wrekin, Shropshire with Mike Preston 

(Day visit - £5 per person)


22nd April

Wren's Nest, Dudley

(see report of visit made by the group in September 2012 for a description of the site)


27th May

To be arranged

24th June

Tour of some parts of the Severn Valley area - a geological tour with Mike Preston

  • Meet at Blackstone car park, Bewdley for 10.00am
  • Blackstone Rock
  • Quatford church building stones and outcrop
  • Highley - Stanley Quarry (behind The Engine House)
  • Refreshment stops at 'The Danery' inn and lunch at The Engine House, Highley
  • Return to Bewdley for 3.30pm-ish

There will be a charge of £5 per person for this visit

For further information phone Mike Carter 01562 746913


22nd July

The glacial erratics of Wolverhampton with Reg Fisher

Meet at Broadwater's car park, Kidderminster for 1.15pm



No meeting  

23rd September

Dudley Museum

1.30pm Meet at Broadwaters car park, Kidderminster


28th October

 Visit to Cardingmill Valley, Church Stretton, Shropshire

9.30am - leave Kidderminster - return mid-afternnon

Indoor meeting if the weather is unfavourable


25th November

Geology - a Geomorphological approach with Sue Cutler

Willow Court Room, Wilton Avenue, Kidderminster DY11 5AU

From 10.00am to 12.00noon

£2 per person


16th December

Planning the 2016 programme  

 Programme arrangements might change, so please check the website for up-to-date information

Geology Programme - 2014

22nd January

Guided tour of Dudley Museum's geological collection

Meet at Broadwters car park, (opposite The Rose Theatre), Kidderminster, at 1.00pm

26th February

Hereford & Worcester Earth Heritage Trust, University of Worcester

Meet at Broadwaters car park, Kidderminster - 1.15pm for 2.00pm

26th March

Saltwell's revisited - Doulton's Pit

  Meet at Broadwaters car park, Kidderminster, at 1.30pm


23rd April

Martley - exploring one of the Martley geology trails


28th May 

Doulton's Pit, Saltwells, Dudley

(afternoon visit 2.00 - 4.00pm)

This visit was originally planned for 8th May but had to be cancelled because of inclement weather and poor site conditions 

25th June

The Teme Trail, Ludlow, including a visit to Ludlow Museum's geological collection (TBC)

13th August

Bewdley Building Stones trail

Please note change of date


7th September


No meeting

24th September

Snailbeach Mine (afternoon visit)

Booking essential

22nd October

Geological mapping

26th November

Apologies for the cancellation of the October meeting

This meeting is the first of three sessions to be held over the next few weeks as preparation for a field visit to the Ercall Quarry, the Wrekin in Shropshire in the spring.

The sessions will be led by Mike Preston, a geologist who is associated with The Earth Heritage Trust.

The first meeting (26th November) will consider basic geological principles as they relate to the Ercall Quarry visit.   The meeting will be held at Kidderminster Baptist Church hall, Franche Road, Kidderminster at 2.00pm 

The second meeting, on Wednesday, 21st January (TBC), will consider the use of geological maps in relation to the Ercall Quarry visit.

The field trip to the Ercall Quarry will take place in March, (date to be decided). The visit will be a day visit.

Cost per meeting / visit £5 per person

17th December

General meeting - planning the 2015 programme

Kidderminster Baptist Church hall, Franche Road, Kidderminster at 2.00pm



Geology Programme - 2013


23rd January

 The Wyre Forest Coalfield - Speaker - Reg Fisher

Willow Court Room, Wilton Avenue, Franche, Kidderminster

2.00pm to 4.00pm



27th February

The Dudley Volcano (Barrow Hill, Dudley)

Meet at Broadwaters Car Park, Kidderminster at 1.30pm



20th March

Worcester Cathedral geology trail

Meet at Broadwaters Car Park, Kidderminster at 12.30pm



17th April

Highley and the Wyre Forest Coalfield

Meet at Broadwaters Car Park, Kidderminster at 1.30pm



22nd May

Wenlock Edge 

Meet at Broadwaters Car Park, Kidderminster at 1.15pm

Visit to Knowle Quarry and the Wenlock Edge

(Please note change of date and programme)



19th June

Ludlow - Viewing the Murchison collection 


An opportunity to view the Murchison collection of geological samples and fossils held in the town's museum and store, not usually accessible to the public


 Please note change to the original published programme



17th July

 The Geopark Way - Alveley quarry, the building stones of the parish church and the remains of coal mining 


A guided visit by the Country Park Ranger (approximate charge £3)


Please note change to the original published programme  



21st August

Shelsley Walsh

Meet at Broadwater's Car Park, Kidderminster at 1.30pm



18th September

The Kidderminster Triassic

Meet at Broadwaters Car Park, Kidderminster at 1.30pm



16th October

Martley Rock

Meet at Broadwaters Car Park, Kidderminster at 1.30pm

 Please note that the OS map reference referred to in the report is to be found on Landranger 150 - "Worcester and the Malverns"



21st November

The Lapworth Museum, Birmingham University

Meet at Broadwaters Car Park, Kidderminster at 12.30pm





18th December

Members' meeting including an opportunity to share personal rock and fossil collections

Shatterford Village Hall, 2.00 pm

 Please note change of date and venue



 Programme arrangements might change, so please check the website for up-to-date information 





Reports of visits made in 2012


Wren's Nest, Dudley


Saltwells Nature Reserve and Doulton's Pit, Dudley


The Lickey Hills and Barnt Green Quarry