Handbook for Group Leaders/Convenors

In this section there are advice sheets available for group leaders to download with up to date information and advice on a variety of aspects of running a group.  You will also find Accident forms and Insurance details and links to the Third Age Trust

Group Leaders/Convenors' Advice Sheets

Here are some useful Advice Sheets to help you run your Groups, more information is available from the Third Age Trust via this link: Members' Area Homepage - University of the Third Age

Running Interest Groups January 2016
Advice for Group Leaders Convenors January 2016
Sorting Out Problems or Grievances January 2016
Licences August 2016
Data Protection August 2016
Social Events and Travel January 2016
Insurance Overview January 2016
Incident Report Form January 2016
Guidance for Organising Visits May 2017
Guidelines for Money for Educational Trips September 2016


Other useful publications from The Third Age Trust

More Time to Learn July 2014
U3A Going Forward August 2014


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