The Luncheon Group meets for lunch once a month, on the fourth Thursday, at various venues, in the Wyre Forest and surrounding areas.

The Luncheon Group met at the Crown & Sandys, Ombersley, on Thursday 24th May. 15 members could not attend due to various reasons. Thirty five members were joined by a new member and from the feedback received, 35 members rated the lunch as "Good" or "Excellent". However, one  member thought differently. This member said that the quantity of food served was too much and through some deep and complex thought process, decided that this warranted a "Poor" rating! The same member disagreed with the other 35 members regarding the overall service. The complaint was that the service was "too slow", hence it deserved an "Average" rating. The restaurant staff, from the chef, the waiters in attendance to the barman, were working their socks off  to make it a pleasant lunch meeting for our Group! Talk about trying to please everyone!!!!!***????

The feedback is as shown:

    Poor Average Good Excellent
1. Venue: Atmosphere & "Feel"     19 17
2. Quality of Food     16 20
3. Quantity of Food 1   14 21
4. Overall Service   1 10 25
5 Value for Money      12 24

Positive comments included:

1. As always, a joy! 2. Quantity of food excellent. 3. Texture of meat excellent. 4. Very hot food. Well served and very welcome. 5. Quantity of food excellent, but too much for me. 

One member remarked that there were no "Greens" with the Main Course, a fair comment.

The programme for the rest of the year is as follows:

  THURS 2018 VENUES Website
1 28th June The White Hart. Off Rectory Rd. Hartlebury. Worcs. DY11 0AA
2 26th July The Bewdley Pines Golf Club. Habberley Rd, (B4190). Bewdley. Worcs. DY12 1LY.
3 27th Sept. The Royal Oak Carvery.
4 25th Oct. The Bewdley Pines Golf Club.
5 22nd Nov. The Crown & Sandys.
6 13th Dec. The Bewdley Pines Golf Club

The next Luncheon Group meeting will be on Thursday 28th June, 12:30pm for 1:00pm, at the White Hart, Hartlebury. There is only a limited number of places left. For Menu details and Booking information, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or telephone: 01562 748538.

Thank you.


Sylvia & Richard.