GTGW Technology Programme - 2019

Friday Jan 4th

Topic: Windows 10 & Apple IOS.

Aim: An overview of the latest operating systems.

Separate sessions for Microsoft & Apple.

This will be a practical session, so bring your own relevant devices.


From the meeting: Windows 10 Basics

Friday Feb 1st

Topic: Problem-solving & clean-up.

Aim: to enable members to problem solve, clean-up & clear cookies on their devices.

Bring your own relevant devices.

Friday Mar 1st

Topic: Smartphones and getting apps.

Aim: to understand & use smartphones. Separate sessions for Android & Apple.

(Hint: Android phones don’t have an Apple symbol on them).

Friday April 12th

(Date Change)

Topic: To create a photo slideshow & short video on DVD or YouTube.

Aim: to enable members to produce a slideshow & short video on disc or YouTube. 

This will be a practical session, so bring your own relevant devices.

Friday May 3rd

Topic: Members slideshows & videos.

Aim: to enjoy members’ attempts at producing their slideshows & videos.

Friday June 7th

Topic: Music apps, Podcasts, Blogs & e-books.

Aim: to investigate how to enjoy music apps &  other web-based apps.

Friday July 5th

Topic: eBay, Facebook & Messenger.

Aim: a practical guide to managing these popular websites / apps.

Friday Aug 2nd

No meeting.

Friday Sept 6th

Topic: PowerPoint, Excel & Libre Office.

Aim: to give members a practical introduction to these useful applications.

Friday Oct 4th

Topic: Members presentations.

Aim: a chance for members to show what they learnt from last month’s session.

Friday Nov 1st

Topic: Energy saving & Smart meters. 

Aim: to explore the products available, the jargon & their use in saving energy.

Friday Dec 6th

A Quiz to test your “new found” skills!

Followed by drinks & mince-pies.