The Luncheon Group held its meeting at the Royal Oak Carvery for the second time this year, on Thursday 24th October. The early afternoon weather was overcast but the sun soon appeared and the restaurant got rather hot and "stuffy". Forty two members were joined by four new members. Everyone looked forward to the lunch, as the last meeting was held on 22nd August. Feedback was provided by 43 members. Other than the Melon Starter and the Salmon en Croute Main Course, members were very pleased with the lunch. 

The feedback is summarised below:

1 VENUE: ATMOSPHERE & "FEEL"   2 17 24
2 QUALITY OF FOOD 1 1 22 19
3 QUANTITY OF FOOD     14 29
5 VALUE FOR MONEY   4 16 23

 Comments included: 1) Perfect as usual. 2) Look forward to coming here again. 3) Excellent; will come here again. 4) Lovely meal and company. Waitress was very good. 5) Salmon en croute incorrectly cooked. Too dry and pastry too hard. Inedible. 6) Would have said excellent but for the Salmon en croute. 7) Lovely selection of vegetables. Pity the Melon wasn't ripe. 8) Melon needed 1 to 2 days more for ripening. 9) Service was too slow. 10) Room was too hot and stuffy. Airconditioning needed.

The programme for the rest of 2019 is tabulated below:

  Thursday. 12:30pm for 1:00pm 2019 Venues
1 28th Nov. The Fox Inn. Lower Chaddesley. A448. 
2 12th Dec. Christmas Lunch. Bewdley Pines Golf Club.

Members please note that at the next Luncheon Group meeting at the Fox Inn, Chaddesley Corbett, on 28th November, voting will take place for choice of restaurant venues for 2020.

New members are most welcome. For further information regarding the Luncheon Group, please contact us.

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or telephone: 01562 748538.

Thank you.

Warm regards,

Sylvia & Richard.