NOTE Meetings on Zoom until further notice!


Feb 5th

 Topic: Video Meetings – the options.

 Aim: To explore the different video apps available on Apple & Windows/Android.


Feb 19th

 Topic: Watching Zoom on TV’s and Improving Zoom Sound Quality

 Aim: To improve the comfort & quality of our video meetings.


Mar 5th

2 Sessions

 Topic: Introduction to Chromebooks & equivalent Cloudready devices.

 Aim: What are Chromebooks & their uses..

 Topic: What’s new in Apple.

 Aim: New developments in Apple.


Mar 19th

 Topic: Apple iMovie & free Video Editor.

 Aim: to enable members to produce video clips.

Friday (new)

April 16th 

 Topic: Personal Security, Scam prevention & On-line Security.

 Aim: to provide advice on how to prevent being scammed or having your identity stolen.


May 7th

 Topic: System Maintenance, Security, Cookies & settings on devices.

 Aim: to improve performance on devices with in built features that aren’t always easy to find.


June 4th

 Topic: Home Security with Ring devices.

 Aim: an introduction to Ring security cameras & recordings.

 Note: Other makes will be covered.


July 2nd

 Topic: Social Media – Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, Twitter etc.

 Aim: to give an overview of the most popular social media apps that are in use.


 No meeting


Sept 3rd

 Topic: Upgrading old devices.

 Aim: to prolong the life of old PC’s by installing free open-source operating systems like Ubuntu &   Cloudready.

 Note: Not available for Apple devices.


Oct 1st

 Topic: TV Streaming & Smart Speakers.

 Aim: to investigate on-line TV Streaming apps & devices that give extra viewing choice.

 Also to explore Smart Speakers like Amazon Echo & Google Home max.


Nov 5th 

 Topic: Members’ Slideshows, Videos & Presentations.

 Aim: to show members’ activities during 2021 in different formats.


Dec 3rd