'Wisdom requires knowledge. So in the first place there is a need, more pressing than ever before, for as many

people as possible to be scientifically literate. Without that literacy, it will be very difficult for citizens to take wise

decisions and for political representatives and policymakers to make good choices. Science is in many ways a

most important part of human culture. In a civilized, cultured society, there is an obligation for everybody to

understand more about science and to recognize that ignorance of science is unacceptable."

Lord Professor Robert Winston

This group sets out to explore the relationship between Science and Technology and the joint impact that both have on modern Western society. The group does not primarily study Science or Technology, but rather the effects that both of these activities have on human society. Given this, the areas of concern and approaches used will be just as interesting and accessible to non-scientists as to people with scientific or technological background.

The meetings use a mixture of talks, discussion and debate to address a wide variety of topics which have already been suggested by group members.

Do come along and try us out if you think this is something you could be interested in.


Contact Barry Walmsley at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   or on 0788 158 1193 for further details