MEETS Monthly    NO Meeting Monday 13th May 2024
WHEN 2nd Monday of the month
from 10.00am to 12.00pm

Franche Community Church, Chestnut Grove, Kidderminster DY11 5QA. See Map

COST £3.00
LEADER Barry Walmsley
CONTACT This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

The Wyre Forest U3A 'Environmental Concern Group' was set up in September 2019 to consider ways in which Scientific and Technological solutions could be used to mediate the impact of human activity on the Environment. 'Think global, act local'. The group began as an off-shoot of a 'Science and Technology in Society' group who spent several sessions in the Summer of 2019 studying damage to the environment caused by human activity. This led to a decision to instigate a new group who would aim to use their collective Scientific knowledge, plus the wider U3A membership and other contacts to find ways of mitigating environmental damage.


The ECG currently has several projects in hand, these include:

  • Finding ways of reducing use of single use, non-recyclable plastics with particular focus on Garden Centres.
  • Growing and coppicing fast-growing willow as a means of sequestering carbon from the atmosphere.
  • Small scale production of biochar as a means of carbon capture and disposal.
  • The Thousand Ponds Project; aiming to encourage a high density of small to medium size ponds and wet areas within a specified geographical area.

The 'Thousand Ponds Project' is due for its full launch on September 20th, and details about this will be circulated in the next Wyre Forest U3A journal.


Environmental Concern Group Articles
 Date Title                                                                                                            
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