Monday 29 April 2024 - visit to The Black Country Living Museum 1940's 1950's and 1960's living - Coach from Whittle's Depot 9.50am and returning approx. 4pm 

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Cheques made out to Wyre Forest & District U3A We can only do cancellations if your place can be resold.

For each person it is:

£31.75 for the coach and entry over 65 years of age

£33.25 for the coach and entry adults under 65

If we get more than 23 travelling then there will be a small refund envelope for each traveller on the day. 

Please send your cheques to me Mrs Caroline O’Callaghan at 35 Clement Dalley Drive, Kidderminster, Worcestershire DY11 7DU receipt of payment will secure your places.

All group members emailed 04.12.23 and passed to Chair to circulate to all U3A Membership.

General History Proposed Programme dates 2024 at 11.02.2024


Monday Feb 12th 

from 2pm to 4pm meeting


The late 1944 to 1950 changes in post war Britain including post war immigration and migration including Windrush. Introduction by Vincent O'Callaghan and talk by Caroline O’Callaghan followed by questions and discussion



Monday March 11th 

from 2pm to 4pm meeting


The 1950’s How our lives changed. introduction and discussion

Introduction by Caroline O'Callaghan
Work by Angela Curtis & Music by Valerie Waldron and we were joined by local author and poet Eric Harvey



Monday 29 April 2024

Study Day out


A visit to the Black County Living Museum by 35 seater coach to visit the 1940’s and 50’s streets and industrial quarter and the 1960’s infant welfare clinic


Monday May 13th

from 2pm to 4pm meeting

Subject: Wightwick Manor and the Manders



Monday June 10th 

from 2pm to 4pm meeting

Subject: Wightwick Manor the Collections


22 July 2024 Study Day out


A visit to Wightwick Manor by minibus maximum 20 places


Monday Sept 9th

from 2pm to 4pm meeting


Christmas history, interesting facts and fun did you know all in together!



The History of Christmas Part 1

How did Christmas begin?

Who is Father Christmas?

When did the Odin ‘The Yule Father’ become Father Christmas?

What does he look like?

Father Christmas and Santa Claus: a brief history of two Christmas champions

Followed by discussion


Monday Oct 14th

from 2pm to 4pm meeting



The History of Christmas Part 2

Why are reindeer associated with Father Christmas?

What is the history of the Christmas tree?

How old are Christmas carols?

When did we begin sending Christmas cards?

Why do we hang stockings on our fireplaces?

What are the origins of the Christmas wreath?

Followed by discussion












Monday Nov 11th 

from 2pm to 4pm meeting

Caroline O’Callaghan will give a talk on the real-life story of Dick Whittington followed by discussion, some housekeeping & planning and a mince pie



December 2024 Day out

A related all day history jolly to be decided upon