Friday Jan 4th

Topic: Windows 10 & Apple IOS.

Aim: An overview of the latest operating systems.

Separate sessions for Microsoft & Apple.

This will be a practical session, so bring your own relevant devices.


From the meeting: Windows 10 Basics

Friday Feb 1st

Topic: Problem-solving & clean-up.

Aim: to enable members to problem solve, clean-up & clear cookies on their devices.

Bring your own relevant devices.

Friday Mar 1st

Topic: Smartphones and getting apps.

Aim: to understand & use smartphones. Separate sessions for Android & Apple.

(Hint: Android phones don’t have an Apple symbol on them).

In two separate sessions on

two separate days


Friday April 5th only

for Apple iPhone, iPad, Mac


Friday April 12th only

for Android phones and PCs

Topic: To create a photo slideshow & short video on DVD or YouTube.

Aim: to enable members to produce a slideshow & short video on disc or YouTube. 

This will be a practical session, so bring your own relevant devices.

Friday May 17th

Change of Date

Topic: Members slideshows & videos.

Aim: to enjoy members’ attempts at producing their slideshows & videos.

Friday June 7th

Topic: Music apps, Podcasts, Blogs & e-books.

Aim: to investigate how to enjoy music apps &  other web-based apps.

Friday July 5th

Topic: eBay, Facebook & Messenger.

Aim: a practical guide to managing these popular websites / apps.

Friday Aug 2nd

No meeting.

Friday Sept 6th

Topic: PowerPoint, Excel & Libre Office.

Aim: to give members a practical introduction to these useful applications.

Friday Oct 4th

Topic: Members presentations.

Aim: a chance for members to show what they learnt from last month’s session.

Friday Nov 1st

Topic: Energy saving & Smart meters. 

Aim: to explore the products available, the jargon & their use in saving energy.

Friday Dec 6th

A Quiz to test your “new found” skills!

Followed by drinks & mince-pies.