Upcoming Social Events

Due to popular demand our U3A will be staging another show at Wolverley Memorial Hall. The dates will be 5th and 6th April 2019.

So please make a note in your diaries...NOW!!

Our new show is to be called, '60's Recall' and we endeavour to cover many of the major events of the 60's such as that infamous Moon Landing and World Cup Wonder! 


This group has been formed in order that we can consider, and then organise, any social event that a U3A member or group of U3A members may wish to put forward.

The agreed event would then be open to ALL U3A members across the groups.

It will work very much in line with the Theatre group and must be self funding.



The list of social ideas is endless and although it is not possible to please all the people all of the time, we endeavour to arrange things that will suit a good cross section of our membership…………


So, if you have a great idea of something which you would like to do and you think that other U3A members would like it also, please email using the web address below or call 01299 861031 to have a chat.

It goes without saying, but many events can take a lot of time and effort to organise and above all MUST be self funding. We need therefore to consider carefully which idea is going to be the most popular for the majority of the membership in order that we allow as many as possible to join in and take part; whether it be as a performer (such as the show) or audience members wanting to be entertained.


For further details email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.