If you love the rousing choruses of ‘South Australia’ or ‘Blow the Man Down’, the sweeping lyricism of ‘Shenandoah’ or the haunting lament of ‘Lowlands’, this is the group for you. There’ll be plenty of Sea Shanties of course, and a variety of other songs which take us back to the days of sail and a life on the ocean.

Several modern shanty groups arrange the songs for all voices, and create beautiful harmonies, and we aim to do likewise. So whatever way you’re used to singing, or if you don’t sing yet, you’ll be most welcome.

Songs will be brought to the group by a ‘Shantyman’, of which we have three or four already, and then the rest of the group sings out the choruses, mostly in ‘a capella’ fashion.

Meetings are held every two weeks on a Tuesday between 2pm and 4pm, at St Oswald’s Church Centre, Broadwaters Drive, which is opposite the Rose Theatre in Kidderminster.

It would help if you signalled your intention to come by emailing: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.