History Group Visit to the Morgan Motor Company

Morgan cars

On Monday 5th March 2012 a group of 52 members of the History Group made a visit to the Morgan Motor Company in Malvern. On arrival we had the opportunity for light refreshments and were then greeted by our Tour Guides and split into two Groups.

After an introductory film, outlining the history and development of the Motor Company, the Groups were led around the Factory into the many areas of production and the various Shops. As we toured the Factory, we were reminded many times, by what we saw and heard, of the unique role, and place, the Morgan Motor Company has in this country and the automotive world.

We were privileged to see the chassis of their new model, the AeroMax +8,with an aluminium frame, classic body and BMW 4.8 litre engine, which was unveiling later that week along with the Aero Coupe, Plus E and the new Roadster at the world famous Geneva Motor Show and we also had the opportunity to admire many historic models, both in the Historic Cars Shop and in the Museum.

Our visit took us through the whole production system, from the moulding and drying of Lincolnshire ash for the car’s sub-frame, through the Panel –beating, Chassis, Machine, Trim and Paint Shops to Final Assembly. We were impressed by the man-intensive time spent on each car. Every car in every shop is assigned to one operator (except the ‘Spaghetti’ or Wiring Shop where two men are assigned) who follows his process and car through and then signs it off, ready for the next Shop.

Throughout the Tour, we were reminded of the contribution Harvey-Jones made to the Company, and whilst the men were fed plenty of technical information the ladies could admire the finishing details and style of the exhibits.  We all appreciated the care that went into each Morgan Motor, as the only car manufactured in the UK today with a coach-built body.

Some of the Group had a delicious and plentiful Buffet in the canteen, whilst others had a snack there and the rest of the Group were driven into Malvern to find refreshments before we rejoined to drive home.

We felt privileged to have witnessed the manufacture of such an historic and unique product and now we can really begin to appreciate the value of the Morgan Brand.


Heidy Hague.