History Group – September Meeting.


About 70 Members of the History Group attended the monthly meeting at St George’s Hall on 3 September 2012.

Two members had arrange to give presentations on Overseas Visits, but at the last moment one of the Speakers had to cancel and Dennis Plant was invited to give a longer report on his visit to Ypres.

This he did, with a respect and knowledge which conveyed the sombre depths of the First World War and the formation of the War Graves Commission. He showed us beautiful slides of the charming town of Ypres; and also landscape photographs of the surrounding countryside, simultaneously narrating details of the battle formations. We were shown pictures of the trenches and informed of the consequences of some of the ‘charges’ which left poignant feelings amongst those in the audience.

With his detailed information and well chosen accompanying photos, the Group were caught up in the story of Ypres, understanding the dreadful and unnecessary loss of life and were left with a moving impression of the Menin Gate, the War Graves and other Memorials.

A vote of thanks was given for all the hard work that Dennis had put into the presentation, and for the memorable way he had informed the Group about a very difficult and poignant topic.


Heidy Hague.