Thur 7th January

Subject: Family Histories

Thur 4th February 

Subject: Brickwalls and sharing Resources

Thur 3rd March

Subject: Newspapers and Publications

Thur 7th April

Subject:  Shops and Inns

Thur 5th May

Subjects: Book and Resource Sharing

Thur 2nd June

Subject: Apprentices, Freemen and Guilds

Thur 7th July

Subject: Immigration - Irish

Thur 4th August

Subject: Criminal Records and Prisons

Thur 1st September

 Subject: Rates Books

Thur 6st October

Problem Solving - Jackie Cotterill

Thur 3rd November

Visit to BMSGH  No meeting at Gainsborough Hotel

Thur 1st December

Review and programme planning