Meetings 2014

At our first meeting we discussed a vast variety of topics we would like to look into and we came up with a long list of places we would like to visit, to see Art in all it's various forms.

We welcomed the U3A National Art Advisor at our May Meeting, who gave us a Presentation entitled "Ludlow through the Artist's Eyes". 

Our June meeting was very enjoyable and informative and members each gave short presentations about paintings they had chosen.

In August we enjoyed a very informative and interesting talk by Chris Millyard entitled  “How to Read a Painting".

Friday 19th September: We enjoyed a wonderful visit to Winterbourne House, an Art and Crafts house, where we also had lunch.  A short walk then took us to the Barber Institute of Fine Arts where we enjoyed paintings by Van Dyke, Picasso, Van Gogh, to name but a few!

At the meetings in October and November, members prepared short, individual presentations on works of Art of their own choosing.

December 11th, members chose a piece of Christmas Art and prepared a short presentation, all enjoyed with nibbles, stollen and mincepies!