Welcome to Garden Group 2

We are a group of people who all enjoy our gardens. We are a participative group, relying on our own expertise to help each other, and each month a livley discussion takes place based on a fixed topic. We then talk about jobs we need to do in our gardens that month, including what we should prune, propagate etc. If you are experiencing any difficulties or need help, someone or three will always come up with suggestions to help you.

Any member having spare plants can bring them along to swap. It's unusual to go home empty handed.




We meet on the 4th Tuesday of the month at Willow Court Community Room, (between numbers 11 and 12 Willow Court), Off Wilton Ave, Franche, Kidderminster DY11 5AU.  See Map



October 2018 meeting


Tuesday  23rd October at 2:30pm at Willow Court


We will be talking about planting bulbs for Spring

which, what, why, how, when

plus 'what should be doing in our gardens now'?

followed by tea, biscuits and Quiz




Our July meeting is 

Tuesday 24th July at 2pm at Willow Court

As this is a very busy time of year, the main topic of conversation will centre on what we should be doing now

If there is sufficient time, we'll also have a short discussion on 'rain gardening'


There will, of course, be time for tea and biscuits


I look forward to seeing you on Tuesday






Our May meeting is due on Tues 22nd May 2018 at 2pm

The May discussion will be based on Pots, tubs, baskets


followed by  what should we be doing this coming month


then more tea and coffee and the quiz


Our April meeting will be on Tuesday 24th April 2018 at 2pm.


Our discussion will centre on The Chelsea Chop and The Hampton Hack.

This will be followed as usual by ' what should we be doing this coming month?'

and we will finish up with more tea and coffee and the quiz.



Our next meeting is due on Tuesday 24th October 2017 at 2pm at Willow Court.

The topic for this meeting is Gardenening Magazines. It would be helpful if members could bring along any unwanted ones which they could pass on. While members are discussing the magazines, I will be carrying out soil tests to determine whether our soils are acid or alkaline. It will also tell us which nutrients, if any, our soil may be lacking. I look forward to seeing you there, Avril


There will be NO meeting at Willow Court in July. Our meeting on Tues 25th July will instead take place at Sue's house. Details of this were handed out at our meeting  yesterday, June 27th. I shall send out a reminder nearer the time, but could you consider friends who may not use email and were not at yesterday's meeting please?


Our June meeting which will take place on

Tuesday 27th June

will focus on herbaceous borders. We wil re-visit our list of 'What's In Flower Now' to help with this and to update new members joining us since the beginning of the year.

What are your favourite colour cominations in your borders? Which plants grow well together? What has gone well for you?  Have you made mistakes?  Are you 'dotty' like me?


Our May meeting cenred around wildlife in our gardens, particulary bees. We had a list of bee attracting plants and had a quick count up to see who had most in their garden. I think one lady had more than the rest of us put together!

Also in May we had an extra meeting at a member's allotment. We met for a coffee first and then had an interesting, informative tour, focusing not just on plants, but also watering mechanisms, raised beds and weed control, then culminating in yet more coffee!



Our April meeting will be on

25th April 2017 at Willow Court at 2pm.

We will discuss our plans for summer - do we make any? do we just drift along and see what happens? Would we do better to plan?


I shall be away on holiday so Jean will be taking the meeting. See you all in May.


Please note that there is NO December meeting due to the date being too close to Christmas. May I wish all our members a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and hope to see you at our January meeting which will be held on

Tuesday 24th January 2017 at 2pm




The Duck House Project -

As part of Bewdley Arts Festival, there is an exhibition of several Duck Houses in Jubilee Park. Members of this group contributed to the project by preparing a garden in a seed tray. This garden acts as the front garden of our house. Please try and find time to go and see it. Our house is very distinctive, painted in bright U3A colours and sits as close to Betty Yates' tree as we could manage.

The houses will be on display until the end of October. If you are on baby sitting duty at half term your grandchildren will love it. There are several blue and yellow ducks for the children to move around and play with, it's well worth a visit.

I'm off now to check the garden and  test the coffee in the museum cafe (my Grandkids love the museum too). I'll check the cake while I'm there.........


Our October meeting will be on 

Tuesday 25th October at 2pm at Willow Court.


I will ask the question -

How can I have colour and interest right through the winter?


Our September meeting asked the question

'What do we do to prepare our gardens for winter?'

We covered several aspects of gardens, including preparing  a greenhouse, should we or should we not be tidy gardners and clear up leaves etc, how to look after tubs and pots.



The August meeting of Garden Group 2 is CANCELLED due to a bereavment.

Our next meeting will be Tuesday 27th September 2016 at 2pm.



APRIL 2016

On Tues 12 th April GG2 thumbed it's nose at the weather forecast and set off to explore Birmingham Botanical Gardens.  For the princely sum of £2.50 we had the gardens almost to ourselves except for a crocdile of well behaved school children.

I think you'll all agree that the Tea Room did us proud, I felt like they had organised a tea party rather than just tea and a scone.  All that was missing was the balloons!

We wandered up and down the path admiring the spring shrubs and flowers. There was quite a lot to see, more than I expected for the time of year.  I was quite confused to see poisonous plants in the herb garden.

Once or twice I said '' Oh, I've just bought some of that'' and someone would say ''Oh, I could have given you some from my garden''. So although I think we're very generous in our sharing attitude as it is now,  at the next meeting I would like to explore how we could share more effectively.

At our next meeting on Tues 26th April  we will talk about Tuesday's visit, how to share better and tubs and colour schemes.


I look forward to seeing you all there.



MARCH 2016

We are a new group, now just one year old.  We have settled into a routine where we begin by discussing a main topic followed by general chat and discussion about our gardens.

Topics covered so far include

-something for a shady spot

-birds ~ do we need them? ~ how to encourage them ~ what to feed them ~ a practical session on making a nesting material hanger for the garden

- seeds ~ how to sow, germinate and aftercare

If anyone has any spare plants they can be brought along to share with other members.

We have started to keep a list of plants which are flowering in our gardens each month. Once we have worked through the year, we will have a comprehensive list of plants which we can use to achieve all year round beauty in our gardens, our soil conditions and our weather here in Wyre Forest.

Our next meeting will be on Tuesday 22 March at 2pm at Willow Court when we will be using Spring as a main discussion point and finalising our plans for a group trip to Birmingham Botanical Gardens in April.


SPRING - What does it mean to you?

Bulbs ~ seeds ~flowering now ~ jobs to do now ~ what should I be pruning now?

We are still able to welcome new members, so why not come along and tell us what Spring means to you?


AUG 2015

Each month we are going to make time to discuss a particular topic. At our  August meeting we will be thinking of ' Something for a shady spot'. So if you are looking for a plant for somewhere shady or if you can offer a suggestion, why not come along? New members are always welcome.

Members have offered advice on weed problems, plans for an overgrown garden and we have helped to identify unknown plants.

We aim to be a practical, hands-on, problem solving group.  You may not garden yourself but still enjoy flowers and gardens, so why not come along and join in the chatter?

We bring a range of books to help us and members also bring any small plants they would like to swap.

We are considering going on one or two of the trips Whittles are offering to famous and not so famous gardens, and we are discussing visiting local gardens which open under the National Garden Scheme.


If you would like to find out more, please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.