2nd January

No Meeting

6th February

Looking at Adoption (Ralph Bromley)

Ralph Brambley introduced us to the sensitive topic of Adoption over the centuries by examining Society’s attitudes and responses: The role of the wider family, the attitude to the “underserving” poor and illegitimacy.

We learnt about Hogarth’s 18th century Foundling Hospital in London, the conditions in the 19th century Workhouse, official secrecy around the Child Migration Schemes and abuse within the Irish Religious institutions, purposely making it almost impossible or the Children themselves to trace their parents, let alone family historians.

Ralph described his own journey, searching for blood relatives over decades and the repeated brick walls and obstacles he had to overcome before he was reunited with siblings, which reminds us that Family History is always Work in Progress.

5th March

Photographs – dating photos and photoshop (Mike Morris)

2nd April

Parish Records including Ireland

7th May

Censuses (Jackie)

4th June

Using web sites.  Findmypast, Ancestry (Suggestions for other sites used by members)

2nd July

Looking at Religious sites (Suggestions for sites used by members)

6th August

Breaking Brick walls (Jackie) (Group input)

3rd September

DNA using results

1st October

Success and failures (Group input)

5th November

Female line

3rd December

Review and programme planning (Group input)