U3A Summer School at Royal Agricultural University

This was my fifth visit to the Summer School at Royal Agricultural University at Cirencester, and I was not disappointed.    We sang a variety of songs, some in unison, others two, three and four-part.  As usual, I have brought back some new material and look forward to introducing some of it in the future. Meeting new singers, and some who, like me, go every year, and singing together is a truly uplifting experience - I hope more members will "give it a go" next year.

Anne Plant.


U3A Summer School at Harper Adams University

Tim and I attended this year's Summer School at Harper Adams University in the heart of Shropshire.  I did the "Shakespeare and the Supernatural Course" and Tim did the "Mathematics Course". We enjoyed both course enormously, it really is an excellent experience and we would recommend Summer Schools to anyone who fancies going.

The tutors, who are fellow U3A members, make the courses informative and thoroughly enjoyable, there's no fear of serious faces and loads of homework!  It really is learning with plenty of fun!

I enjoyed the Shakespeare Course so much that I'm going to run a Short Course in January/February for anyone in our U3A who is interested in Shakespeare.  I'm really keen to share the knowledge and enjoyment I received on the course.

There is also a lighter side to Summer School, the food at both the Agricultural Universiies of Harper Adams and Cirencester is wonderfully fresh and home grown. there is also entertainment in the evenings in the form of a concert on one evening and a quiz on the other.

But one the best things about going to Summer School is meeting with so many people from U3A's from all over the country, you instantly have so much in common with so many people - it's great to feel part of such a large and marvellous organisation!

Elaine & Tim Yates.